Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Santa Cruz and Monterey

I finally left San Francisco and continued south. It took two days to Santa Cruz, where I stayed at a couchsurfer's place for two nights and a day. I didn't really need a day off after the long break in San Francisco and only two days of cycling, but like San Francisco, Santa Cruz is a great place, which I wouldn't have noticed without the couchsurfing experience, through which I met a bunch of interesting people. I was introduced to the local apple cider and beer brewing philosophy (had freshly pressed apple juice!), as well as the unique university, which is located on a hill within the woods, a huge forested campus.
It was sad to leave Santa Cruz already, but everyone keeps telling me that the landscape further south will be even more amazing (I don't know how this is possible) and that I should spend lots of time there. I'm curious to seeing it.

From Santa Cruz it was another day to Monterey. All cycling days since San Francisco have been approximately 80 to 90 km. And again, I took a day off :) There is so much to see in Monterey - especially sea lions. And the campground is extremely close to the city, in a park on a hill, from where you can hear the sea lions, which are some kilometers away. I would upload pictures if I could, but this is a library and like so often, only the screen is accessible.

Before leaving San Francisco, I went to Yosemite National Park, but, I must admit, by bus and not by bike... And I regretted it from the moment I saw the scenery from behind the window of the bus, even though it was partly hilly and raining. I saw myself on the bike out there on the shoulders of the roads and could not really enjoy the beauty of Yosemite park, because I had been to lazy to inform myself properly about the route there - I would have found out that it is possible and wouldn't take too long, and I would have had enough time.
Anyways, this regret is slowly vanishing since I'm back on the bike, because now I can take my time to see everything and don't need to rush.

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