Monday, October 3, 2011

Approaching San Francisco

We reached San Francisco on Thursday, 27th September, this was my 37th day after departing from Vancouver. More precisely we reached Mill Valley, which is north of the Golden Gate Bridge, and stayed at another warm showers host. Blogging is a little delayed - here are some impressions of the trip since the 'scenic detour'.

Relaxing in Ross' hammock at Standish-Hickey campground

Two days after the Lost Coast adventure, there was Leggett mountain. 'The Book' extensively describes this mountain as the most challenging and the highest of the whole pacific coast bike tour, an elevation of 2000 feet (600 meter).
After the Lost coast experience, it was peanuts. The elevation was the same like some of the lost coast mountains, but the slope was harmless. A comfortable climb and a non-scary downhill ride.

Back at the ocean after Leggett mountain

The following coastal section was beautiful but challenging. Short and steep hills and hardly any even roads for two days. This is worse than one long uphill and one long downhill ride. It's always up and down and again and again. But - beautiful.

I upgraded my bike with a natural flag:

But only for some miles, then it bent down. Also, a car driver told me that this is 'invasive'. First I didn't know what he meant and thought, it distracts the drivers (because it's moving and shaking and cool looking). But he meant that the pollen are spread along the coast when I transport this nice flag on my bike. The Californians apparently don't want these beautiful plants to grow everywhere. Well, it bent down anyway and dropped off.

More coast impressions

Woodside Campground in Sonoma County, California

Some fog

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  1. Hey Andrea, also ich bin echt beeindruckt - ich würd ja durchdrehen bei all den Hügeln. Mir ist ja der Riedberg schon zu hügelig ;-) Respek!! Schöne Fotos wiedermal!! Weiter so :)
    Liebe Grüße