Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Yeeees, there are the photos :)
Most library computers have limited possibilities to connect a camara, upload photos, etc. But yesterday, I spent some hours in a great bikeshop in Newport, that was more than a bikeshop. I did my laundry there, they had a shower and a lounge for exhausted touring cyclists, and a computer (no internet), but I could backup my photos. Here are some of them.

First campsite in the USA, on San Juan Island

Bridge in Washington

Somewhere in southern Washington

Bridge from Washington to Astoria, Oregon

After crossing the bridge

Bikes in tunnel

Climbing a hill

Same hill, after the top, different weather

Some touring bikes taking a break

Sand dunes at the Oregon coast

Oregon Coast
Road after landslide, bikes can pass :)

One way of taking a picture of myself


  1. Call me crazy, but I could swear I've seen the last one before… :)

    Btw is that shadow of yours wearing a helmet?

  2. Echt suuuuper schöne Fotos :) Vor allem die Sanddünen!! Viel Spass weiterhin!